The Coast of Oregon

The Oregon Coast is a popular road trip location. While on our honeymoon this early June, Brad and I saw license plates from all over the United States. We started in Washington and drove down, stopping along the way, until we reached California 5 days later. I was surprised to see the amount of tourists decrease the more we drove because it got better and better the farther south we went. The beautiful, although a very typical destination for tourists, Canon beach, had so many people that we just didn’t have the desire to get out. So we kept driving. I realized the the places I had heard most of were in the northern half of the state. It’s unfortunate in my opinion. Here are some photos from the second half of our trip.


Sidenote: Film. There is no need to edit these. Superia 400 does a pretty good job of capturing the blues and the greens without my interference. Here’s proof.


The above photo was taken in our favorite motel that we stayed at, the Sandcastle Beachfront Motel in Lincoln City. The motel is right on the beach, you can’t beat that. We spent hours on that beach and that night we watched the sun set over the ocean right from our bed. Who even cares that the room isn’t all fancy. Best motel.



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