I was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. I live in Canada now and going back to visit my family was very special both times. It’s like I’m thrown into the past, walking the same roads and seeing people I haven’t talked to in nearly a decade. When I’m there I spend so much time remembering. And then it’s over and I come back home to Canada, and now thinking about my trip seems nostalgic, so I once again spend time remembering and wishing I was there.


A road outside of Chernivtsi


Adults’ clinic
My grandma and I went to the neighbourhood where my mom grew up


My grandma giving me a tour of her garden



3 thoughts on “Ukraine

  1. I was born not too far in Zitomir. In age 1 my parents moved me very far from – to Kazakhstan where i spent more 27 years of my life. we visited in Ukraine many times at summer but i have no memories from there. Just dont remember. I want to go there one day also to Kazakhstan but just for photography not for menories or nostalgia. Btw – very beautiful set of photographs.

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