The Presence

Kerusso – To preach and proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom

About a month ago I started Kerusso School of the Kingdom in Herrnhut, Germany. It is a four month school of intense training. It’s a call to boldness, radical love, and a desire to join with God in seeing the reality of Heaven released by living a supernatural lifestyle. The school is divided into eight weeks of lecture and seven weeks of outreach during which I will be going to India with a team of thirteen incredible Jesus lovers.

It has only been three weeks and God has changed the way I think to the point where things around me look different. I’m getting new revelations of His presence and what happens when I live in it. My awareness of God’s presence has increased immeasurably. It is a place where I love being the most. Obviously God is everywhere so the only thing that changes when we “enter into His presence” is our spirit’s awareness of Him. In other words, it’s impossible to “enter” into it. Most of the time we don’t feel anything but our spirit knows. And sometimes God reveals more of Himself as we engage with Him and we can also feel Him.

I think that I’ve always been a little bit afraid of God. I thought that God was just waiting to convict me of something, tell me I’m doing something wrong and I would feel terrible about what I had done. But the condemnation we so often feel doesn’t come from Him; He doesn’t do that. He wins us over with love, not with guilt.

Before we started our week on the Presence our speaker talked on running away from God’s presence. There are times when God’s light shines and any darkness that is inside of us is revealed. That causes us to “run away” from His presence. This could be fear, guilt, areas where we don’t trust God, etc. As long as we let those things stay there we will want to run away from the presence of our Lord.

In the last few months God has been slowly revealing to me why He convicts. In His presence He talks to us, listens to what we say, convicts us, brings us closer to Him. And behind every one of these He is joyful; He wants to bless us. When He convicts He isn’t mad. He smiles and says, “I really want to bless you, but by holding on to this you are pushing yourself away from the blessing.” When I understood this, I understood what joyful repentance means and the blessing it brings. Only through revelation in His presence could I really understand this and it changed the way I think.

Our Father’s presence is really the sweetest. We were made for it. In His presence we find favour and restoration. His presence is never boring. The truth of who He is brings everything that I am into amazement and I want to live to discover Him. His presence never leaves us unchanged.

On April 27th our school will go to the Netherlands for three weeks during which we will be staying with Lighthouse ministry for two of those weeks. We will continue having lectures and also serving alongside of the ministry. From the 13th to the 17th we will be attending the Mission Possible Conference and will hear from speakers like Loren Cunningham, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson and others. I am excited about everything God will do. Your prayers for everything that will be going on in the next three months will be very appreciated!

I will continue to keep you up to date on what God is doing! Feel free to contact me through Facebook or email at if you have any questions!




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